Update June 18th


~ Grass facilities & SMU social distance and do not enter the playing areas.

~ SMU ONLY: Please scan the QR code which will be located on the outer gates before you enter. Complete the form before entering.

~ SMU ONLY: Sit in the stands and social distance.

~ If the venue looks like there are more than 75 spectators, please do not enter and use your judgement. We are unable to police this with staff resources.


Please help us provide the best experience possible for our members with the existing constraints!

We require your assistance and diligence with ensuring your child is checked in for the sessions. As you are aware, this allows us to provide track and trace details for Health Care Nova Scotia but it also allows us to set up the field in advance and adjust our resources where necessary. 

Monday night we had far too many showing up without checking in, resulting in us not providing an optimal environment for our members. With the anticipated numbers expected at one location, we made the decision to send an extra staff to SMU to help with the first night of our mini program, a facility and program we were all anxious to ensure that got off to a good start. 

Unfortunately, that decision backfired and we had over 25% of the participants show up that were not checked in at another location. This resulted in us having to set up a new area, re-work the groups and delayed us starting on time and unable to accomplish the session plan we had designed.

We understand that this process is cumbersome and we also understand a few people may forget here and there, but we need to make a conscious effort to do our part, ensuring the environment meets the standard we are striving for under these tough constraints.

Please note, this email is an attempt to ensure we achieve the value of the program you expect. We do not want to have to take a hard line and turn children away, this is the worse case solution and goes against our vision and mission.


We want to record your cheers and good wishes for the squad before they travel to Winnipeg, so bring the family to our drive-thru and show us your best signs, bring your singing voices and be ready to win some awesome prizes!

#TogetherWeCheer #TogetherWeWander


As we prepare for competition to restart in July, those members who will be competing against other clubs need a SAVI jersey with number, black shorts & socks.

We currently have several in stock with some sizes on back-order.

If you require a uniform please order yours today.

If you have ordered one and still not received it, please be patient as we try to coordinate them to be waiting for you at training.

We will have a pick-up on Wednesday 6:30pm to 7:30pm at Stanley Park for anyone who we have missed.


Please tag us via social media on your soccer photos

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