Membership Feedback

Summary of priorities we have identified along with solutions for the Fall/Winter 2021/22 season.

  • Streamlining Communication:
    • Program specific emails
    • The adoption of ‘Spond‘ for team specific messages (TeamSnap alternative)
    • Recruiting age specific managers for Skill Centre Programs
  • Team/Program Management:
    • The restructure & hiring of three program specific positions:
      • Mini Coordinator
      • Skill Centre Coordinator
      • AA/AAA Manager
    • The adoption of ‘Spond‘ for managing schedules and attendance (TeamSnap alternative)
  • Skill Centre:
    • Having more players per team and entering less teams in the jamborees
    • Recruitment of parent coaches to support staff with training and games for consistency
    • Recruiting age specific managers for Skill Centre Programs
  • AA/AAA:
    • Adoption of stipend paid coaches vs registration discounts
    • Player feedback reports
  • On-Field Delivery:
    • Information will be provided by Kieran Collins (Director of Soccer Development) to improve specific program delivery feedback.

We thank all of the families who provided feedback about their experience this summer. We appreciate all the kind words of support but equally value the constructive feedback to help us improve all programs.

This summer had several challenges & variables affecting programs ranging from COVID protocols, seasons starting late and being extended and facility vendors and contracts being amended last minute. We do appreciate your patience and understanding as we explored the best solutions available to us.

Other Important Feedback:

QUESTION: Our family participates in several activities and we require a schedule in advance in order to manage. The club needs to prioritize finalizing a schedule prior to registration.

RESPONSE: We would 100% do this if we were able to get all of our different stakeholders to provide us our allocation or information in advance. Unfortunately, whilst we continue to voice the same concerns we are at the requirements of these providers.

QUESTION: I still do not receive emails.

RESPONSE: We are equally frustrated with our email systems. We have some members who do not receive emails from Demosphere and others who do receive emails from the Clubhouse. In many instances, the emails will automatically go to families’ spam or junk folders. We will continue to explore better alternatives and hope the adoption of ‘Spond‘ will increase people receiving necessary information.

QUESTION: We would prefer more training in the peninsula and many families would likely pay more if that is an option.

RESPONSE: Facilities for urban Halifax are a continued concern. Many fields in our catchment are either not available or off-limits by HRM. We were delighted to obtain our first full-field grass field this summer at Stanley Park, this was something the club did not have and greatly assisted with the club’s scheduling. Whilst it is not ideal for some families, we do also have other families where the field is in their local community. We will continue to have conversations with HRM and obtain more facilities for our community’s accessibility.

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