AAA Update

The 2021 AAA program will conclude at the end of September. They will then be given the month of October off any club programming. During this time players will be invited out to train in the month of November to form AAA teams for the 2022 season. This training will include practices and exhibition matches against other clubs.

IMPORTANT: Players who are given a recommendation of a program that is not AAA are encouraged to register for a winter program. They will then train with that winter program as well as be invited to train in the AAA environment in November. This is to ensure that if they’re not invited into the AAA program full time, they do not miss out on a winter season.

The idea is to create windows of movement and fluidity between the programs to suit the individual needs of the players within all programs. This also gives the opportunity for players outside of the AAA program to play their way into the program as well as players who are in the AAA program and are struggling to have success, the opportunity to find that success. We will provide more information on how we plan to manage this process as we respect families’ appreciation for a schedule in advance.

We trialed some of the ideas for this process with the U15 AAA boys this summer and while it was largely a success there were still some improvements that could be made by the club to ensure a more organized process.

Tentative Plan

October – Off

November – Training

December – Off

January to March – Training & Combination of 7-aside & 11-aside Games

April to October – Training & 11-aside Games

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